Social Responsibility

"A better company for our people"

Farmer’s Best holds an unshakable core belief. Cultivating a positive relationship to society, and continually benefitting people is critical to operating effectively. Social responsibility is part of the measure of our overall performance.

For us at Farmer's Best, the practice of social responsibility is directly related to our ability to endure, and Farmer's Best has endured from one century well into another.

Highlights of the Farmer’s Best Commitment to Social Responsibility:

  • Create a community of support for the entire team and their families
  • Provide sustaining employment throughout the production season
  • Develop and implement programs to accelerate community/employee development:
    • Schools
    • Daycare Centers
    • Housing
    • Nutrition and Health Programs
    • Medical and Dental Assistance
    • Safety Training and Programs
    • Income Maximization Programs


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